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The Delight Group began as a small but passionate team of dedicated people. With clear vision, accurate planning and immaculate execution process, we launched our operations. We dreamed big in our small office – room and we were totally committed to it.

With unending enthusiasm, Delight Group started locating, identifying, assessing and visiting the customers of our products. Our only mission was to give our best and we were confident about our future growth. We pursued the businesses on the basis of the quality of our products, adhering strictly to our values. There was no space for unfair dealings. We aimed at win-win situations for our Principal-suppliers, customers and ourselves. All the decisions taken are complied with laws. We aimed to service the needs of the customers. We were more customer-driven and less market driven.

The DELIGHT Group’s concentration was equally on relationship building with suppliers and customers. We practiced uniformity and that developed a smooth blend between us. We were the marketing arm of our Principal suppliers.

What’s more, with our own growth, we also supported our loyal suppliers in their marketing efforts for products in the assigned territories. We also convinced our suppliers to alter the modus operandi and persuaded them to focus more on the customers, just like us. And the result was obvious - Success for everyone.

Our Company represents some of the following big Chemical Companies Exclusively for Western and Southern India.

Vishnu Chemicals Ltd, Hyderbad

    • Sodium Dichromate
    • Potassium Dichromate
    • Chromium Oxide
    • Chromic Acid Flakes
    • Yellow Sodium Sulphate
    • Chromium Sulphate
    • Sodium Saccharin
    • White Sodium Sulphate

Vishnu Barium India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

    • Barium Carbonate
    • Barium Chloride

Solvay Chemica S.P.A.

    • Micronised Barium Sulphate

Quimica Del Estroncio S.A.U Spain

    • Strontium Carbonate QPF
    • Strontium Nitrate NC

We are involved in distribution of these chemical to various Industries such as Pigments, Pharma, Pretreatment Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Steel Industries, Paint Industries, Dyes Industries Packaging Companies, Specialty Chemicals manufacturer etc.

Delight has its own warehouse near Bhiwandi in Mumbai, Vapi - Vapi, Narol - Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Delhi. With combined capacity to store more than 800 MT of Chemical Products. We have more than 300 customers to whom we distribute the following products regular. We handle and distribute more than 18,000 MT of Chemical products every year. We have dedicated team for Logistics, Sales and Marketing looking after the business efficiently with utmost accuracy and complete knowledge about the products handled.