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Delight Chrome Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

The Delight Group began as a small but passionate team of dedicated people. With clear vision, accurate planning and immaculate execution process, we launched our operations. We dreamed big in our small office – room and we were totally committed to it. With unending enthusiasm, Delight Group started locating, identifying, assessing and visiting the customers of our products.

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our approach

At Delight Chrome Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

At Delight Chrome Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., our approach to fine and specialty chemical distribution is to be your most reliable and resourceful partner. We pride ourselves on being ProActive Resourcing Specialists.
Decades Of Services

Decades Of Services






We dreamed big and committed to it

Our Company represents some of the following big Chemical Companies Exclusively for Western and Southern India.

The Delight Group’s concentration was equally on relationship building with suppliers and customers. We practiced uniformity and that developed a smooth blend between us. We were the marketing arm of our Principal suppliers.

What’s more, with our own growth, we also supported our loyal suppliers in their marketing efforts for products in the assigned territories. We also convinced our suppliers to alter the modus operandi and persuaded them to focus more on the customers, just like us. And the result was obvious - Success for everyone.

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Our Product

We are involved in the distribution of the following Products:

  • Potassium Dichromate
  • Yellow Sodium Sulphate
  • Basic Chromium Sulphate
  • Sodium Bichromate
  • Sodium Saccharin
  • White Sodium Sulphate (Anhydrous)
  • Barium Chloride Dihydrate
  • Barium Carbonate
  • Micronized Barium Sulphate PPT
  • Hydrazine Hydrate 80%
  • Chrome Oxide Green
  • Adipic Dihydrazide
  • Hydrazine Hydrate 100%
  • Strontium Carbonate QPF
  • Strontium Nitrate NC
  • Chromic Acid Flakes

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